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What I’m Reading: What is a product person? Non Bounce in Consumer Credit, Products becoming software, The Next Great Internet Disruption

  1. What is a Product Person? – Howard Ogawa answers the question as a thoughtful practitioner guru: With meaningful insight gleaned from years of practical experience. Want an unvarnished take on technology and design matters? Give the rest of his blog a read, as his blunt style caused me to nod my head several times in affirmation.
  2. Consumer Credit “Demolishes Expectations” Really? No Not Really! The “Non-Bounce” in Non-Revolving Credit – Perennial permabear Mike “Mish” Shedlock obliterates a breathlessly misleading (read: perma bull) post from Business Insider’s Joe Weisenthal regarding a “HUGE number on consumer credit.” I like this post because far too often I find myself muttering at Business Insider entries (mostly Joe) as superficial. Mish helps us understand the macro economic context behind the headlines. A great blog!
  3. MicroStrategy World 2012: MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Keynote – Mike posits 2012 marks the acceleration of a major transformational era in which products and services are becoming software [emphasis mine]. Mike can always be counted on to summarize his thoughts with brash, bold statements. Some people are put off by it, I eat it up: Choice quote at about 27:30 “Software is Changing from Solid to Vapor Form and is Spreading Like an Airbone Virus”
  4. Labor Efficiency: The Next Great Internet Disruption – One of the concepts I enjoyed the most in my economic courses was that of efficiency changes on labor systems. It appears that we’re on the cusp of another wave. Will the global wage arbitrage turn into something a little more beneficial to all participants? Time will tell…
  5. Blogosphere, We Get It – This is a funny summary of the points of view of some of my favorite econ/financial blogs. Won’t mean much to you unless you read them. I suggest you check some of them out.