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What I’m Reading: Apple TV DREAM REVEALED, Reddit on Oil Speculation, Put a Fork in ERP, Mish catches the POTUS Manipulating Data, Berkshire Hathaway Could Surge 70% in 12 Months

1. Apple TV DREAM REVEALED: It’s not about the TV (it looks awesome). It’s about content. A super smart engineer-turned-product guru taught me that. And if half of what Henry Blodget speculates is true, Apple will basically slaughter the Big Cable and perhaps even a network or three with one product. Think about what iTunes did to the music industry’s gambit of selling you a whole album when all you wanted was that one song. . .

Apple Television . . . maybe...?

2. A great thread on Reddit that is chock full of thoughtful commentary on an energy speculation conspiracy:

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission charged one trading house and two individuals for illegally manipulating oil prices during the price spike of 2008, when oil reached $147 a barrel, by creating the appearance of a shortage to drive up the benchmark for crude. While the action covers oil trading in 2008, the connection to today, where speculation is seen as a primary cause for higher gas prices, is unmistakable.

I have no idea how close (or far) this is to the mark, but I appreciate people’s thought processes as they turn an issue over, citing sources I never would have found on my own. A great example of alternative crowd-sourced rabble rousing journalism.

3. Great Acquisitions! Now Put a Fork in ERP is a follow up read to a better article from Forbes that a colleague linked to a while back. I think the Techcrunch article ignores one of the reasons that the “Big Iron” didn’t innovate. The ERP licenses (and epic service contracts for implementation) are the definition of gravy-train. It’s Part II of the Kodak’s story: It’s not like they didn’t know the golden goose was going to be killed, but its difficult to time the execution. Lots of Monday-morning quarterbacking going on with Kodak, but returning to ERP, consider these articles the pre-game show with the retired coaches making their picks.

4. Mike (Mish) Shedlock Catches the POTUS Manipulating Data. The real title of Mish’s blog post is a little less respectful of the Executive Office of the President but his findings are sound. Why is it that the mainstream media can’t take 5 minutes to analyze the official stats that our congress, lobbyists and now President crow as fact? TL;DR – Petroleum distillates demand is down; Obama’s chart actually illustrates contribution of imported oil is actually higher than before. Oops.

5. Berkshire Hathaway Could Surge 70% in 12 Months. One sentence take: This is great news for all of you who have at least $117,000 lying around just to enter a Buy order for 1 share of a stock.